Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Karbala Conference in Kashmir

 Srinagar - A conference was held in the Kashmir to pay tribute to Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and his family and other companions.

The Conference themed as “Karbala Conference” was organized by Muthari Fikri wa Saqafati Markaz a religious organization in Central Kashmir’s Pandrethan area of Capital Srinagar. 

Conference was attended by a galaxy of academicians, students, and Islamic scholars from different Islamic schools of thought. 

The speakers at the conference emphasized on the philosophy of Karbala. Speakers said that the battle of Karbala was a defining movement in the history of Islam that continues to inspire people regardless of their religious beliefs. 

Further they said the message of Karbala is as relevant today as it was at the time of Imam Hussein. They said that the martyrs of Karbala proved in action that one should stand up for a righteous cause regardless of consequences. 

Scholars speaking on the occasion said that Imam Hussain is the greatest symbol of unity and brotherhood for the Islamic world, and a real tribute to the martyrs of Karbala would be to follow their path of truth and righteousness in letter and spirit. 

On the occasion a competitive exam of a book namely “ Karbala ka zindagi saaz paigham” was also held in which hundreds of youths took part. The speakers who spoke on the occasion include Molana Ahmad Sultani, Molana Meer Mustafa, Molana Gulam Mohammad Gulzar, Dr Peer Sameer Siddiqee, Molana Agha Syed Mohammad Rizvi, Molana Touseef Ahmad and Molana Gulam Hussain Mattoo.

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