Friday, October 07, 2016

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on Israeli website...True Face of Zionist Sympathizer

 Dubai - Recent media reports stated that all major Zionist news sites have became accessible in the Saudi kingdom, Jerusalem Post wrote on Thursday in an article about lifting ban on JP’s websites in Saudi Arabia.

Zionist newspaper said that years after its ban in May 2013, the block was lifted according to a Saudi journalist, referring to a tweet by another Saudi who follows JPost.

The paper stated that its work was characterized by a wide coverage of the “Saudi Kingdom and its role in the peace process in the Middle East.”

In 2013, Saudi Arabia banned access to the JPost website, while keeping other Zionist news agencies accessible, according to the newspaper.

Unblocking the Zionist newspaper in Saudi Arabia coincides with the kingdom’s decision to ban several Arab websites, including The New Arab, Al-Akhbar news paper, Al-Manar TV and others.

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