Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Iranian Shias will not Tolerate any Cruel Actions against Pak Shias: Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

Tehran : "The cruel actions against Pakistani Shia Muslims cannot be tolerated. Occupying Shia territories by Pakistani government is unacceptable,"

In a statement on admonishing the recent cruel harassments towards Pakistani Shias, Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said, "I hope Pakistani Officials start taking serious measures in order to stop the cruel actions which are being carried out against Shias since they are posing a major threat to the unity of Muslim community,"

The revered source of emulation further said, "These days some sad and unpleasant news about recent incidents in Pakistan are being broadcasted in the media, Pakistani Shias are being harassed in different parts of the country, there have been some reports that the Police force raid Shia ceremonies and offend them. It's also been said that Government organizations and their affiliate institutions engage in occupying Shia territories,"

"This new anti-Shia movement in Pakistan has led to the hunger strike of so many Shias in the country, some of whom are in terrible health conditions. We're making efforts to establish and maintain the friendliest relations with Pakistani leaders as well as people, but such cruel actions against Shias in Pakistan which are backed by Takfiris and Wahhabis cannot be tolerated by Shias throughout the world, especially Iranian Shias," he added.

"We expect Pakistani leaders to do something in order to put an end to such irrational actions which are posing a major threat to Muslims' unity, also the world organizations must attend in solving this crisis and try to put an end to it," Ayatollah Shirazi added.

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