Thursday, April 03, 2014

Remembering Bibi Fatimah Zahra Daughter of Prophet

Ameeral Momeneen Imam Ali (AS)..after shrouding the Daughter of the Prophet(SAW)..addressed the Prophet(SAW) and lamented thus :“O Messenger of Allah (SAW) Peace be upon you from me and your daughter who has just came to you and joined you so fast.
O Messenger of Allah (SAW)! I have lost patience over separation from your daughter…
Your trust has been returned to you. They took her away from me.
After her departure, my grief shall never come to end, and my nights will be spent in sadness until the day I shall join you, when Allah (SWT) chooses for me the place where you are currently residing.
She will soon explain to you how your nation got united to usurp her rights. Ask her about all the incidents; because she had suffered from so many tragedies that burned her right, yet she could not find a way to express them. But now she can open her heart, and Allah (SWT) will judge, and He is the best judge…
Your daughter was buried secretly in front of Allah (SWT); her right was usurped; her inheritance was taken away; even though it was not long after your demise, and you were not forgotten yet. O Messenger of Allah(SAW)! I complain only to Allah (SWT), and you are the best to console. Peace be upon you and upon Fatimah…”

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