Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Aye Shaheedo Zindabad....A tribute to Shaheed Ustad Sibte Jafar and other Shia Martyrs of Pakistan {Nauhay 2013-14}

This nauha of 1435 (2013-14) by Lakhani Brothers is tribute to thousands of shia brothers and sisters, who killed in Pakistan by Kafirs and Yezeedi forces. We condemn these killings by Al Qaida and Pakistani Taliban terrorists and salute to those martyrs.


Karbala and Imam Hussain's martyrdom is more important for every shia, while we all are in grief and sorrow due to Shia Killings and nobody can stop Azadari. They are killing us, because we are doing Azadari. But they forget that till last Shia will remain on this earth, Azadari can't be stopped.

This year we salute those Nauhakhawans and Shayars (poets) who are reciting nauhas on these topics.

Here is one such nauha, and it's just started the Mission any Cost.

Ye Matam Sada Rahay...kitna bhee ho Zulam

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