Tuesday, July 09, 2013

How much you Know about Shia Hadith heritage

According to hadith.net website, Hujatul-Islam Ihsan Sorkhei, the professor of university and howzah; in gathering of "The role of written resources in transmitting the Shia Hadith heritage" explained the methods of transmitting hadith and said that the reporters of Ahadith had transmitted it in two ways: the oral and written form.

Furthermore he said, according to the evidences, it can be proved that the method used in the hadith scriptures and written works had been the main method of transmitting the Shia Hadith Heritage.

Mentioning the definition of Hadith, Sorkhei said: Hadith refers to what Imam (A.S) says and does, but from another point of view Hadith is a report of a historical event. In another word when we speak of Hadith in fact we are speaking of a historical event which has made in a specific period of time, an event with a holy content which is of high importance. Like every historical event; however, it should be attempted for transmitting and validation of such an event.

This scholar of Rijal group of hadith teachings and sciences research center said: lots of reporters wrote the traditions that they have heard from Infallible Imams (A.S); and some of reporters transmitted those traditions orally, but a little after that the oral tradition have been recorded, the chain reporters have been determined through these written documents. Pointing to the history of Hadith compilation and gathering, faculty member of department of Quran studies of Research Institute of Howzah and University emphasized: studying the history of Shia Hadith shows that compiling hadith collections were of importance as well as hadith monographs. Obeidullah bin Ali al-Halabi’s book is one of the oldest hadith collections which has been reported so far. This book was well received and according to Najjashi, Imam Sadiq (A.S) was pleased with that.

Hujatul-Islam Ihsan Sorkhei in continue pointed to some misrepresentations made while writing Hadith and said: Tas’hif within text and document, Idhmar, Ta’liq and Tahwil on Hadith document are some examples of these misrepresentations. He then pointed to some examples of these problems.

The gathering was held by the Department of hadith resources and workshops of research center for hadith sciences and teachings on June the 21st in the research hall of Dar al-Hadith institute.

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