Saturday, July 13, 2013

Controlling Anger

Book titled "Controlling Anger" by Muhammad Reza Kiumarsi

Given the importance of the problem of anger, this topic was taken up for research by the Islamic Psychology department of the Ethics and Humanities Research Center affiliated to Dar al-Hadith Institute. This task was given to H. I. Muhammad Reza Kiumarsi who is one of the psychologists in the Islamic Seminary in Qum.

This book named Controlling Anger analyzes the psychology of anger and discusses the ways to control it from Islamic perspective. The goal of the book is to present new concepts and practical ways to deal with anger from an Islamic psychological perspective. The book contains following sections: Etymology and meaning of the word anger and other related words, nature of anger from psychological perspective, characteristics of anger from the viewpoint of Islamic traditions (Ahadith), cognitive way to counter anger, and positive anger.

Author H. I. Muhammad Reza Kiumarsi completed this book under supervision of Abbas Pasandideh who is a faculty member of Quran and Hadith University. This book was published in paperback edition by Dar al-Hadith Printers and Publishers.

Those interested in buying the book can contact the Qum Head Office of the publications located at Shohada Square, Muallim Road, No. 125.

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