Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book: Words of Wisdom of Prophet Jesus....Read Online Free

The book titled “Words of Wisdom of Prophet Jesus son of Mary (as)” authored by Muhammad Muhammadi RayShahri was published in Persian and Arabic. It is a collection of the pieces of intellectual and practical wisdom, ethics and manners and admonitions taught by God to the Prophet Jesus (as).

The HadithNet website reports that it is mentioned in the introduction to the book that the divinely sent Prophets are the perfect exemplars of wisdom who have reached the peaks of intellectual perfection. They have been appointed by God to teach people knowledge and wisdom.

Jesus (as) was one of the God’s Prophet and his servant. He was sent to guide the Children of Israel and was one of the Ulul Azm Prophets. He was sent with the divine book named Injeel and God gave him the title of Masih.

This book is divided into different sections. The first section is a collection of wise sayings pertaining to practical and intellectual matters. The second section deals with the wise sayings that deal with ideological issues. The third section contains his sayings about worship and servitude to God. The fourth section talks about Ethics and goodly manners. The fifth section deals with his sayings about the Ethics and disliked manners. Section six is a collection of the parables and short sayings attributed to Prophet Jesus (as) and the last section deals with the God’s advice and admonitions to him.

The first edition of this book titled “Words of Wisdom of Prophet Jesus son of Mary (as)” was printed by Dar al-Hadith Publications in summer 2012 in Persian and Arabic. The author of the original Arabic version is Muhammad Muhammadi RayShahri and it was translated into Persian by Hamid Raza Shaykhi. The book was printed in hard cover, containing 332 pages. The book is priced at 8000 Tumans (equivalent to approximately 3 USD).

Dar al-Hadith Publications is participating in the annual exhibition of seminary books in the Holy city of Qum with 300 different titles on display.

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