Saturday, May 18, 2013

Zionist Forces are Active to Foil Imam Khomeini Conference

Imam Khomeini Conference scheduled for June 2, 2013 in London and preprations are going on, but some Zionist forces trying to foil this conference and creating controversies against this.

On 26th April 2013, an organisation labeling itself ‘Stand for Peace’ issued a news item defaming the Imam Khomeini Conference, and termed the conference speakers as ‘extremists’ and ‘anti-Semites’.

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) issues this statement to clarify its stand and response to these baseless allegations.

AIM prides itself for being active in campaigning against religious extremism, sectarianism, intolerance and racism both locally and universally. We have been consistent in our efforts to spread peace, tolerance and co-existence; and to promote social harmony as contained in our rich and abundant Islamic heritage. Since its inception, our organisation has been steadfast in promoting this message because these values are enshrined in the Islamic teachings that we uphold.

In this regard, we wish to reiterate our position of disassociation from all forms of racism, bigotry and discrimination. We unequivocally condemn those who partake in such; be that through word or deed. It is also important to mention that AIM is committed to working with all faith groups and communities and has previously invited personalities from different faiths to speak at its events.

The Imam Khomeini conference is an event to commemorate a profound Islamic scholar who was comprehensive in his knowledge of the various Islamic disciplines and stood as a leading religious authority for millions of Muslims. On this basis, AIM commemorates his life to learn from the heritage of ideas, thoughts and legacy that he left behind.

We strongly disagree with the notion that Imam Khomeini was anti-Semitic because he practically showed a lot of admiration and respect for other faiths, races and communities; including enshrining the legislative representation of the Abrahamic faiths and their rights to practice freely within the post-revolution Iranian constitution. In addition, it is noteworthy to mention that Imam Khomeini’s lineage traces him back to Prophet Abraham, by default making him a ‘Semite’.

Those making such absurd accusations, as is clear from their language, have political motivations and are driven by a clear agenda. In recent years, we have witnessed concerted efforts by certain actors, both within and outside the UK, to conflate any criticism of the criminal actions of the Zionist state with anti-Semitism. This is done intentionally to muffle any reasoned debate about a lingering occupation that has lasted more than 40 years, and continues to exact untold suffering on the lives of innocents on a daily basis.

According to our understanding, it is precisely this irresponsible behavior that incites hatred and destroys the united fabric of our society; and to this we shall not remain silent. We believe such entities intentionally seek to fuel divisions, stifle alternate voices and defame organisations that seek to make a positive contribution to society.

It is shameful to see this type of defamatory language used by those claiming to stand for peace. We hereby categorically state that the charges of anti-Semitism raised against the conference speakers are unfounded and absolutely false. Accordingly, these individuals are entitled to resort to legal action against ‘Stand for Peace’ for the libelous accusations it has raised against their good names. To this end, we as AIM shall unreservedly extend all possible assistance within our means to these speakers. Further, any accusations made directly against the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) shall similarly be dealt with through legal recourse, at our discretion.

Finally, we wish to remind ‘Stand for Peace’ that the fight against “violent and nonviolent forms of extremism” should be universal. Whilst applauding their admirable goals, we are truly surprised that mention of the violent extremism of ultra-right wing Zionist zealots is glaringly absent in their coverage. These zealots routinely perpetrate violent acts of extremism that shamefully include—but are certainly not limited to, the terrorizing of innocent school children. Such attacks have prompted volunteers of international humanitarian groups to escort children to and from school to save them from the mindless violence of these Zionist extremists. We thus look forward to the timely inclusion of such indefensible acts of bigotry in the forthcoming coverage of extremism from ‘Stand for Peace’.

18th May 2013
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book: Words of Wisdom of Prophet Jesus....Read Online Free

The book titled “Words of Wisdom of Prophet Jesus son of Mary (as)” authored by Muhammad Muhammadi RayShahri was published in Persian and Arabic. It is a collection of the pieces of intellectual and practical wisdom, ethics and manners and admonitions taught by God to the Prophet Jesus (as).

The HadithNet website reports that it is mentioned in the introduction to the book that the divinely sent Prophets are the perfect exemplars of wisdom who have reached the peaks of intellectual perfection. They have been appointed by God to teach people knowledge and wisdom.

Jesus (as) was one of the God’s Prophet and his servant. He was sent to guide the Children of Israel and was one of the Ulul Azm Prophets. He was sent with the divine book named Injeel and God gave him the title of Masih.

This book is divided into different sections. The first section is a collection of wise sayings pertaining to practical and intellectual matters. The second section deals with the wise sayings that deal with ideological issues. The third section contains his sayings about worship and servitude to God. The fourth section talks about Ethics and goodly manners. The fifth section deals with his sayings about the Ethics and disliked manners. Section six is a collection of the parables and short sayings attributed to Prophet Jesus (as) and the last section deals with the God’s advice and admonitions to him.

The first edition of this book titled “Words of Wisdom of Prophet Jesus son of Mary (as)” was printed by Dar al-Hadith Publications in summer 2012 in Persian and Arabic. The author of the original Arabic version is Muhammad Muhammadi RayShahri and it was translated into Persian by Hamid Raza Shaykhi. The book was printed in hard cover, containing 332 pages. The book is priced at 8000 Tumans (equivalent to approximately 3 USD).

Dar al-Hadith Publications is participating in the annual exhibition of seminary books in the Holy city of Qum with 300 different titles on display.

You Can Read This Book Online. Click me