Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Five Nauhay of the Year 2013... (1434)

No.1 Nadeem Sarwar,  Country - Pakistan

Chalay Aao Aey Zawaro

Why this Nauha is No.1 in 2013

In this nauha Nadeem Sarwar given new trend of Matam, which is most important part of our Azadari

Nadeem Sarwar known for his bold experiment in nauhakhawani, it's he who converted some beautiful poetry of Meer Anees into his nauhas. Many of his nauhay are based on khyals (thoughts) of Meer Anees. Along with Shyar-e-Ahlebait Janab Rehan Azami, Nadeem Sarwar is playing major role to promoting nauhakhwani worldwide. Most of the shia youths follow him in India, Pakistan, US, UK, Canada, Australia and other Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and English speaking shia populated countries.

No.2  Aamir...  Dr. Syed Ameer Hasan Aamir Rizvi, Country - India

Phuphi Baba Chadar Main Kya Laye Hain

Aamir is known for his voice and this is one of the most heart touching nauha of the year 2013. Young shayar  Shams Rizvi should be given full credit to this nauha. Aamir mostly recite poetry of shayar Nayyar Jalalpuri and in earlier days Bilal Kazmi but now he is selecting other poet's kalams.

No. 3    Meesum Abbas, Country - US

Hum Apni Jaan De Denge...Azadari na choregen 

This Shia youth belongs to Pakistan but now living in US. We have 2 naha on same subject, apart from this nauha, the other one is Shadman Raza's nauha which is on no.4. We selected this nauha because Meesum Abbas awakening people with humbly and politely and telling No Shia Killing anywhere in the world can stop our Azadari. Shias are non violent people on this earth and they can give their lives for Azadari. Simplicity is beauty of this nauha. Shayar of this Nauha Kaleem who belongs to India and lives in Memon Sadat of Western UP, India.


No. 4  Shadman Raza,  Country - Pakistan

Zinda Rahana Hai tu Shabeer pe Marna Hoga...

Revolutionary Nauha of the Year 1434

We are noticing from last 5 years Shadman Raza and mashallah this young nauhakhan has bright future in this field. Tough this nauha deserves on No.3 place but Meesum's simplicity in that nuaha stopped us doing this. We must remind few incidents during release of these nauhas. Both nauhakhawans nauha album released in Pakistan in Muharram and in very first week, Pakistani Talbani forces (Shiphe Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Zhangwai - both banned terrorist outfits of Wahabis in Pak) start killing shia azadars in majlis and jaloos. These wahabis has just one fear to strengthening of Azadari and to crush that they kill shia youth, children, maulana, scholars, scientist, doctors, educationist, engineers etc. in this nauha Shadman Raza asking people to come out and protest this shia killing. It was such a powerful call that in this month (December) people in large numbers come out in Karachi and sit 2 nights on dharna (sit in) against shia killing in Pakistan.


No. 5   Farhan Ali Waris,   Country - Pakistan

Hai Sakina Akeli Yahan

We are thankful to great shayar of Pakistan Janab Mazhar Abidi Sahib per penning this nauha for Farhan Ali Waris. This nauha of Bibi Sakina co-relates current incidents in Syria, where her Roza alone now and momneens are not visiting there due to current situation. A poet can think beyond where no one can reach. We salute Mazhar Sahib and Farhan for this nauha....which has full grief and sorrow of Bibi Sakina.