Monday, November 19, 2012

Nauhay 2013: Farhan Ali Waris Nauhay 1434

This year Farhan Ali Waris again came with powerful nauhas. His nauha on Bibi Sakina has old tarz but kalam is full of grief and you are bound to weep on that nauha....This nauha also reminds us that how a shyar explain present events with our past history of karbla. We must praise Shayar Janab Mazhar Abdi sahib (Pakistan) for his efforts. This nauha should be share at every shia forum. You can listen this nauha bottom of this post.

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Farhan Ali Waris 2013...Fath-e-Lashkar Ya Ali

Farhan Ali Waris 2013...Maan Aa Gayee Hussain

Farhan Ali Waris 2013...Hai Sakina Akeli Yahan

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