Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sham-e-Ghareeba...Masoom Sakeena So Jao

It's 10th Muhramme today. Imam Hussain and his 71 near-dears, friends and companions martyred at Karbala by Yazeed Maloon's forces. Remember and imagine about Bibi Sakeena...and listen this nauha.

This nauha recite by Khursheed Asri's son. Day by day his voice is improving and selection of kalam for him by Khursheed Asri is superb.

Masoom Sakeena So Jao...

Voice of India: Ameer Hasan Aamir 2012 Nauhay

This year 1433 (2011-2012) most awaited nauhay of Syed Ameer Hasan Aamir released in Lucknow, instead of DELHI. In Lucknow it is released by Grafh Agency and RSLEMEDIA.com. This company released only audio album (Aye Mere Laal Abbas) of Aamir and according to that company VCD will come soon.

Until his video nauhay released officially, we can't say which nauha is best this year. Here we are giving his 4 audio nauhay for your thought. Almost he has same Tarz (style) in all nauhay like previous years but Shayar (Dr. Abbas Raza) Nayyar Jalalpuri's kalams are great.

Listen Aamir's 4 Nauhay...

Beta Teri Wafon Me Koi Kami Na Ho...(Title Nauha of Album)

Mera Baccha Mere Maula Ka Azadar Bane...

Ro Ke Kahti Thi Shabe Ashoor...

Hai Sughra Hai Sakeena...

Monday, December 05, 2011

Abbas Kya Kare...Shadman Raza Nauhay 2012

New Arrival

After Meesam Abbas, Nadeem Sarwar, Farhan Ali Waris, Irfan Haider, Meer Hasan Meer most of the momneens world wide wait for Shadan Raza's Nauhay.This year (1433) Meesam Abbas Nauhay yet to come. Pakistani Music Companies strategically release Prime Nauhakhawan's nauhay little late. 18 hours back Shadan Raza's Nauhay entered first time on internet. For Shia Azadari visitors we are presenting Shadan's one of the best Nauha from this year's album.

Explore more videos of Nauhay,Majlis, Matam and Marsia at our YouTube Channel ykmedia

Abbas Kya Kare...

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Best Nauha from India...Dayar-e-Fatima Zahra...Khursheed Asri

Dayar-e-Fatima Zahra hai Ye Adab Se Chalo...by Khursheed Asri

In India Ameer Hasan Aamir is famous voice among Nauhakhwans...But from few years Khursheed Asri gaining popularity in this list. When we have Nadeem Sarwar and Farhan Ali Waris like voices in our world wide community, this down to earth man from Memon Sadat (Western UP), India without any particular style reciting Nauha with heart.

This is his one of the best Nauha of this Year. We have yet to get this year's CDs of Ameer Hasan Aamir, but hopefully this may be BEST NAUHA OF THE YEAR.  

Nadeem Sarwar 2012 Video Nauha...Great Voice...Great Message

Nadeem Sarwar, The Living Legend once again came back with Great Message...

Ya Zahra [Sa] - Wada Hai Hamara...We Never forget You and Imam Hussain...

Every year India and Pakistan's nauhakhwan's work hard  for their Best Nauha. This year  Nadeem Sarwar, Farhan Ali Waris and Khursheed Asri (India), Ameer Hasan Aamir hitting popular list on Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Almost 1 million people all over world searching keyword Nadeem Sarwar on Google and Youtube.

This is one of the best Nauha of Nadeem Sarwar this year...Mohramme 1433 (2012)...


Qaidi Hoon Main BaBa...Shanawar-Ali Jee

Hai Sadat...Shanawar-Ali Jee

Ana Ibn-e-Makka-O-Mina...Nadeem Sarwar