Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Nauhey from Lucknow by Arif Sultanpuri

Lucknow city of India famous for it Azadari. Every year lot of Nauhkhawns emerge from this and nearby cities. After Ameer Hasan Aamir we noticed a new voice from this city Arif Sultanpuri. This is his first album and inshallah, we hope, he will comeout with more presentations. His voice and Nauha endorsed by Janab Anzar Abidi Sahib. We are thankful to him.

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Nauha 1
Hussain aur Namaz
Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Kalam - Waqif Pihanvi

Nauha 2
Ek Rota hua Ghar Aap ko Saupa Zainab

Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Kalam - Bilal Kazmi


Nauha 3 
Zahra (s.a.) Shabb-e-Ashoor

Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Shyar - Aaqa Sultanpuri

Nauha 4
Akbar Mera Mar Gaya...

Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Kalam -  Hadi Barabankvi

Nauha 5
Hai Mere Abbas...

Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Shyar - Razi Biswani

Nauha 6
Aye Na Muslim...

Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Kalam - Suroor Lucknowi

Nauha 7
Sham Hone Ko Hai...

Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Kalam - Razi Biswani

Nauha 8
Kanton Pe Chal Rahe Hain...

Reciter -Arif Sultanpuri

Kalam - Aaqa Sultanpuri

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