Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remember Speech of Hazrat Ali (AS) after Caliphate

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Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season

“The ruler only pays attention to his own soul. (If he pays no attention to others) he will be distracted from Heaven and Hell will be in front of him. One who earnestly strives will be successful (and saved). Some will be busy in seeking hope. Those, who are remiss, will be in Hell-fire. Thus there will be three kinds of persons. There are two more: angles, which fly with their wings and a Prophet whom Allah has taken by His hand. There is no sixth (kind). The one who makes false claims will be destroyed. Those who rush heedlessly (into bad actions) will be made to fall. Those walk right-hand side and left hand side will lead (people) astray. The middle road is path on which there still remains the BOOK, the SUUNA and the reports (athaar) of Prophet.

Indeed Allah, the exalted, has treated the (strayed) community with two medicines-the whip and the sword. There will be no hesitation by the Imam in applying them- take cover in your houses, think and reconcile the differences, which are among you. Repent for what you have done. Whoever defies the truth will be destroyed. There are some affairs for which you have no excuse in my eyes. As for me, if I had wanted to say it, I would have said: May Allah forgive what has gone before…..

Watch me. If you find something to denounce, denounce it. If you recognize it, then hasten (to carry it out). There is truth and falsehood. Each has its supporters. If the false becomes leader, it would happen as happened in the past. If for a short time truth becomes scarce (rare), it will recede but only to advance again. If your lives returned (to earlier period) you would be happy. I fear that you are now living in transient period (as Prophet is not among us). I have only the ability to use IJTIHAD (to guide you)…..We are the family of the House (ahl al bayt), … We judge according to the Law of Allah (and His Book), and we have taken (knowledge) from Prophet of Allah. If you follow our pronouncement and decrees, you will be guided on right path by clear vision. If you do not do, Allah will destroy you at our hands. We are the standard of truth. Whoever follows our path will attain emancipation and delayers will be drowned. The vengeance of every believer will be realized through us. …. Allah will bring conquest at our hands not yours. Allah’s seal will be set through us not through you.

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