Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ziyarat Imam Zamana A.S

Ziyarat Imam Zamana A.S Ajalal tala farajaq wa sahil Allah makhrajaq key

Peace be on the one who showers honour on his friend and degrades his enemies.
Peace be on the inheritor of Prophets and the last of the successors….
Peace be on the Q...aem, the awaited one and the one who is acclaimed for his justice.
Peace be on the ever-drawn sword and the radiant moon and the brilliant light.
Peace be on the sun of darkness and the full moon.
Peace be on the spring of mankind and the freshness of the days.
Peace be upon the possessor of the sword and the splitter of heads.
Peace be on the transmitted religion and the written Book.
Peace be on the remnant of Allah and His cities and His Proofs over His servants, the inheritance of the Prophets (S.A.A.W.W.S) finally reach upto him and with him are the vestiges of the chosen ones. The confidant (of Allah) upon the secret and the master of the affair.
Peace be on Mehdi, the one through whom Allah has promised to the nations that He will gather them through him and remove their muddled affairs through him and will fill the earth with peace and equity through him, and make him firm in it and through him, He will fulfill the promise of the believers….
I attest, O my master, that you and the Imams from your forefathers are my leaders and masters in the life of this world and on the day when the witnesses shall be established I beseech you, O my master, that you ask Allah the Blessed, the High, for the rectification of my condition and the fullfilment of my needs and the forgiveness of my sins and guiding me in my affairs of my religion, world and hereafter and also my brothers and sisters, them in religion all of them Surely He is the All-forgiving, All-Merciful…. 

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