Saturday, March 27, 2010

Voices of Passion : English Nawha / Latmiya

Granddaughter of Rasulullah Sister of Husayn, Zainab-e-Kubra How could they insult your integrity Stripping off your veils for all to see The menace in their eyes, such insanity Oh why could they not just let you be Before you left for Kufa you did plead For your loved ones to be buried But the enemy did not take heed And this journey of tears did proceed You were made to walk without your veil From the place your loved ones were assailed Through Kufa and Shaam, a burdened trail But you held strong and the truth prevailed Your nephew Sajjad faced hostility He was whipped and beaten constantly Yet he still opposed Yazid's decree And he stood for Islam with morality In the court of Yazid your silence ceased He quoted Quran with his tongue najis As you spoke out his smile deceased And Yazid could no longer sit in peace Ruqayya lay weeping on the ground Suddenly she did not make a sound When the time for Fajr did come round She did not arise, the silence profound