Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Important : Shedding of Blood, Chest Beating all Halal

If you have any questions, reservations about shedding blood during azadari, beating chest (Matam)and weeping in majlis for our beloved Imams, kindly listen this video carefully. It will clear all your doubts.These all rituals are Halal and correct. The leading Shia scholar in the city of Qum (Iran), Ayatullah Vahid Khorasani who is among the most senior Shia Scholars, addresses statements made by an individual telling people to not cry loudly during mourning sessions for Ahlulbayt. In the video he also goes over the Fatwas of previous scholars on the Mourning rituals and he even states that shedding blood for the sake of mourning Ahlulbayt is Halal. May Allah grant him a long life, and may Allah destroy the enemies of Ahlulbayt.

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