Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Azadari in Delhi 10th Muhramme 1431 : Videos

A Shia Event that Delhi will never forget 10th Muhramme Jaloos of Delhi is very famous among all community. But this year it marked a impact on Delhi people due to it's discipline and huge gathering. After Ashoora Aamaal and Majlis in Shia Jama Masjid, Kashmeerigate Delhi, procession started for Panja Shareef Dargah, Delhi. It was Monday this year on 10th Muhramme and Monday is very important for Delhi due to first business working day. All shops of auto market in Kashmeerigate area were open but shopkeepers, visitors paid their tribute to Imam Hussain. Some of them even organize Sabeels. People from all part of Delhi, almost all anjuman of capital and shia men, women, children and senior citizens form neighboring cities Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgoan were also participated in this procession. Kargil Anjuman was main attraction of this Jaloos. Kama Matam of this anjuman is very famous in NCR Shia Community. Syed Rajat Abbas Kirmani was also present with his small canon camera in this event. He shooted videos of 1oth Muhramme. Matam near Shia Jama Masjid Kama Matam by Kashmeeri Anjuman of Delhi Nauha by Kargil Anjuman near Panja Shareef Dargah Matam by Kargil Anjuman near Dargah Another Matam View of Kargil Anjuman Alam of Kargil Anjuman approaching to Dargah Small and Thin Street of Dargah Panja Shareef, People are pouring This is Dargah Panja Shareef...Line for ziyarat Inside View of Roza at Panja Shareef Dargah Another View of Dargah Video Copyrights@

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