Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to tackle Deadly Disease Swine Flu

As you are aware a lot of information is in the media regarding Swine Flu. All of you may be aware with lot of miracles of Ziyarat-e-Ashura but just as a reminder I have quoted one miracle which is related deadly disease spreading among all the people with no cure. At this point in time their directions to us are as have been previously advised mainly: 1. Recite Ziyarat-e-Ashura regulary & ask the family members. If you have flu like symptoms and/ or a temprature, cough etc do not go to work.. See a doctor and wait until you are better before resuming work The best way to prevent getting sick is to observe good hygiene. Be sure to wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching your face, and if you do, be sure your hands are clean.. Also avoid people who are obviously sick. Carry a handkerchief and cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough Don’t assume because you are unwell that you have Swine Flu. This may create panic amongst your famly and work collegues. See a doctor and follow their advice. unnessary panic. Miracle of Ziarate Ashoora (Best remedy for any type of plague/Flu) Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) recounts, ‘O Safwaan! When you are confronted with some adversity, then seek redressal of your grievances from Imam Hussain (a.s.) through the Aamaal of Ashoora. Allah has pledged the fulfillment of demands with this Ziarat and Allah never reneges on His word’. Hardships and afflictions no matter how severe, can be remedied by reciting Ziarate Ashoora for forty successive days. Records of people’s experiences actually testify to the authenticity of this tradition. Renowned Shia scholars have recited this Ziarat regularly. They have reaped incalculable benefits through its recitation and have always resorted to it in moments of distress. There are many such miracles but have quoted just one which is related to the disease spread among the people and which shows the significance of Ziyrat e Ashura. 1) Respite from plague Ayatullah Haj Shaikh Abdul Karim Haaeri Yazdi (founder of the Hauze-Ilmiyya in Qom) narrates, ‘It was the period of my education in the Hauze Ilmiyya in Samarra. There was an epidemic in the city that had taken in its wake many victims. One day, all the scholars had assembled at Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammad Fasharki (r.a.)’s residence, the latter being my teacher. Then unexpectedly, Ayatullah Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi (r.a.) entered the house. His stature was no less than that of Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.). There was a round of general discussion and the scholars started deliberating on the epidemic and how at the rate it was claiming lives, it would very soon wipe out the entire city. In the midst of this discussion Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.) rose, and asked, ‘Do you all acknowledge me as the Mujtahid? Then If I impose a decree upon you, will you act according to it?’ We all replied emphatically, ‘Yes! Indeed you are the Mujtahid.’ Then Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.) addressed the audience and declared, ‘I command the Shias of Sammarah to recite Ziarate Ashoora for a period of ten days. Then offer the reward of this recitation to the mother of Imame Zamaana (may our souls be sacrificed for him), Janabe Nargis Khatoon (s.a.). Then beseech her to present our case to her son Hazrat Valiul Asr, so that Imam (a.s.) shields us from the malady.’ Ayatullah Fasharki (r.a.) relates further, ‘I assure the person security from the plague, if he recites Ziarate Ashoora.’ Since it was a matter of life and death, the entire Shia population followed Ayatullah Fasharki’s recommendation and began reciting this Ziarat. Miraculously, with the recitation of the Ziarat, the plague subsided and the mo’mineen were spared. But this phenomenon was observed only among the Shias, as the Ahle Sunnah continued to fall prey to this malady. Everyday, the plague claimed at least one from the Ahle Sunnah. They were defenseless, as this ailment was without a cure. Before long, they realized that the plague was claiming only their members, while the Shias were somehow reprieved. In order to hide their embarrassment, they started conducting the burial of their dead in the middle of the night. When one of the Ahle Sunnah inquired from the Shias, the reason behind their miraculous reprieve, the latter revealed their secret of Ziarate Ashoora. Then the Ahle Sunnah too undertook recitation of this Ziarat. And this Ziarat’s enigmatic prowess was manifested when they also started receiving respite from the dreaded plague. In fact, some of them used to visit the shrines of Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.) and Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) and began confessing: ‘We recite the very Ziarat for you that is recited by your Shias.’ Shaykh Abdul Kareem (r.a.) observes that on reciting this Ziarat, Shias and Ahle Sunnah both became immune to this plague. We Pray to Allah s.w.t to save all the Believers Men/Women & seek the protection from the Hazrat-e-Sahebuzzaman (a.t.f.s) to protect under his shield from all the diseases and especially this deadly disease.

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