Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pray before your death‏

Hadith's Regarding Charitable Works 11- Imam Hadi (A. S.) ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 370)) Better than any charitable act is the doer of it. 12 Amirol-moominin (A. S.) ((Nahjol-Balaghe, Sent 414)) Take initiative in charitable acts and don't consider them insignificant, for, its little is great, and its few is many. 1- Imam Mohammad Bagher (A.S.) ((Khesa1-e-Sadoogh, vol. 1, p. 66)) Any good deed will be considered a charity. 2- Imam Reza (A. S.) ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 355)) Righteousness and good deeds are eternal savings. (07072008) 3- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.) ((Behar, vol. 96, p. 160)) There are many good deeds, but there will be few to get the opportunity to make a success of it. 4- Imam Hossein (A. S.) ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 122)) God will bless the person who performs a good act, God will bless beneficient people. (09072008) 5 The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.) ((Behar, vol. 77, p. 168)) Don't submit anything but good work, and don't say anything but fine speech. 6 The Reverent Amir (A. S.) ((Khesa1-e-Sadoogh, vol. 2, p. 160)) Be quick in good deeds before being involved in other work. (04082008) 7- Imam Reza (A. S.) ((Behar, vol. 78, P. 355)) Good deeds and their valuable effects are the booties of the farsighted people. 8- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.) ((Ashshehab fel-Hekame-Val-Adab, p. 17)) Affection and love will make a free man a slave! (09102008) 9- Imam Mohammad Bagher (A.S.) ((Ama1i-e-Sadoogh, p. 254)) Charitable acts will save and protect man from bad deaths. 10- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.) ((Vasael, vol. 11, p. 529)) Heaven (Paradise) has a door known as ((Maaroof)) (good deeds) which is famous in that only the benevolents enter in it. (27022009)

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