Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shia Islamic Books - 55 news books added

A great deal of appreciation and credit goes to Brother Nazar Abbas,brother Syed Ahmed Ali and their team of about 15 momineen who are digitizing books for the site. Several other momineen have also contributed digital books for the library. Please pray for their health, safety and prosperity. New titles added are: Urdu:~~~~~ Abdullah ibn-e-Saba aur doosray tareekhy afsanay - 1 of 3Abdullah ibn-e-Saba aur doosray tareekhy afsanay - 2 & 3 of 3Abqat-ul-Anwaar - Hadith-e-Saqlain 1 of 2Abqat-ul-Anwaar - Hadith-e-Saqlain 2 of 2Aik so pachas jaali ashaab - 1 of 4Aik so pachas jaali ashaab - 2 of 4Aik so pachas jaali ashaab - 3 of 4Aik so pachas jaali ashaab - 4 of 4Ali(a.s.) khalifa-e-Rasool(sawaw)Ali(a.s.) ki betiBait-ul-AhzanDarood un par Salam un parHadyat-ush-ShiaHaroof-e-AijazHifazat-e-QuranKhilafat-o-ImamatKhisaal (Shiekh Sadooq)Kulliyat-e-IqbalMaktab Imamat-o-KhilafatShiat ki jeetShiyan-e-Ahle Bait(a.s.)Izhar-e-Aqeedat English~~~~~~~ A brief history of the 14 infalliblesAl-Amali - Dictations of Sheikh MufidBasic beliefs of IslamBeacons of LightContemporary man and the social problemDialogue between a Muslim and a ChristianEconomic System in IslamFraternity and cooperation in IslamGhadeer-e-KhumGlimpses of the Prophet's LifeHajj - The duties and rulingsHasham ibn-e-HakamHistory behind Masjid JamkaranIslam and religious pluralismJihad - The holy war of IslamJurisprudence and its principlesLight within Me - Muttahiri, Tabatabae, KhumainiMaster and MastershipPolarization around the character of Imam Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib(a.s.)Political upheaval at MedinaQuran made simpleSexual ethics in Islam and in the western worldShiism in SunnismThe beauty of charityThe Islamic system of governmentThe psalms of Islam - Saheefa-e-SajjadiaThe Quran - When was it compiledThe rights of Prisoners according to Islamic teachingsThe sermon of Prophet Muhammad(sawaw) at GhadirThe Shia and their beliefsThe voice of human justiceUnderstanding the month of glory - RamadhanWar, peace and non-violenceWoman and her rights To read or download all books, please visit

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