Sunday, March 29, 2009

Morals & Manners of the Holy Imams‏

GHEEBAT 4.Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) says : Surely Allah has forbidden gheebat (of Muslim) as he has prohibited the wealth(Snatched) and blood (of Muslim) 5.Hazrat Ali (a.s) Says : “Gheebat is the sign of Munafiq” 1.Quran says:- “Don’t do gheebat of anybody. Does anybody love (wish) to eat the flesh of his brother, then live it” Ref:- (sure Hujurat, Ayat no.12) 2.Quran says:- In tafseer of Mazmaul-Bayan it is written that over here there is a promise of wrath from the side of Allah for every back bitter and for the defamour one who creates enmity between friends” (14042008) 3. (1.) I.Ali(A.S): The listener to backbiting is the same as the backbiter. (Geebat ka sunnewala Geebat krnewala Jaisa hai.) (Gorarul hukam pg 307)(22082008)

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