Monday, December 29, 2008

Nauhe 2009 from Pakistan-Free Download

Momneen, Muhramme started from today and in India it is Chand Raat today. Here is some news for you about Nauhe 2009 from Pakistan is out and you can download them on this very good website fully devoted to majlish, matam, nauhe and azadari - www. Free Download You can download here free also ali safdar vol 2009 (Size 14.0 MB) irfan haider (karwane aza) vol 2009 (Size 14.0 MB) mir hasan mir vol 2009 (Size 14.0 MB) dare batool vol 2009 (Size 14.0 MB) Shameem Amrohi vol 2009 (Size 15.0 MB) Dr. Aamir Rizvi vol 2009 (Size 14.0 MB) ali waris vol 2009 nauhe. We still waiting for Nadeem Sarwar Album. Keep visiting here, we will let you know. Ya Ali Madad.

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