Monday, December 29, 2008

...and he is Khursheed Asri from India

I heard name of Mr. Khursheed Asri so many times but never heard his Nauha. Recently I visited a famous dargah in UTTAR PRADESH (INDIA) Jogirampuri where in the evening some boys recite a nauha. It was very touching and I inquired about whose this nauha. Boys told me that this recite by Khursheed Asri and it was hit in 2007. Boys told me there are lot of nauha recite by this gentleman, copied in Pakistan. Irfan Haider and Meesam Abbas recite several nauha of Khursheed Asri. Famous Urdu poet Kaleem writes nauhe for Khursheed. Both belongs to Memon Sadat, where this dargah falls. So, here is that famous nauhe which I am listening these days.

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