Wednesday, October 01, 2008

They need your Help

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam Salamun Alaikum All praise is for Allah(s.w.t) Lord of the universes. Allah(s.w.t) has blessed the universe and mankind with life and existence. His blessings are showered on all except a few. For the welfare of these few, he has sent you and me as his messengers to take care of these handle full. Let us not fail in the duty assigned by Allah(s.w.t). In the holy month of "Ramadan", those who are prosperous, must share their blessings given by Allah, with those who are not so privileged. An organization, Shia Ahyae Husaini in Jamnagar, is managed by Syed Ali Jafri. He has 3 teachers assisting him in imparting education to 15 children(14 saadaat n 1non syed ). Boarding, loading and food is provided to the children but to run this money needed on regularly basis four lakh per year/per month 35 thousand In this holy month of Ramadan, in the name of Allah, extend what ever monetary assistance you can provide, for the wellbeing of these children and many more of these to come in the future. What ever you can contribute, will be of great help and assistance. NOTE :HAVING EJAAZA OF GRAND AYATULAH MAKARIM SHIRAZI (D.J.) For more information : Contact : SHIA AHYA-E-HUSAINI ISLAMIC BOARDING SHIA ISNA AHSARI JAMA MASJID, PEER KI AAMLI, HARYANA,TALUKA JODIYA JAMNAGAR 361011 CELL : 09714038141/ 25490013 (BOMBAY) 9867280241 Our Bank Account Details: Account name: Syed Mohammad Ali Saving Accounts # : SB/GEN: 3090 Branch : HADIYANA, DIST : JAMNAGAR, (Gujrat) India

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