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The spread of shiaism in India

BURHAN SHAH EMBRACES THE TRUE FAITH Burhan Shah's son, Abd al Qadir, the heir apparent, fell seriously ill. Despite the best efforts of all the top physicians in the relam, the condition of his health deteriorated day by day. Prayers were arranged at all the religious places in the kingdom and huge charities were distributed, but to no avail. On the eve of Friday, when wishes are fulfilled by Allah, Mulla Tahir came to the king and said that the prince would, Insha Allah, recover if he agreed to two conditions. The king asked him to mention the conditions. Mulla Tahir said that the Sayeds in the realm must be given financial support and during the Friday Sermons the names of the 14 Infallibles must be mentioned. The king said that he understood the first condition but he wanted to know who the Infallibles (a.s) are? Mulla Tahir mentioned to him the names of the 12 Imams (a.s). The king said that during his childhood his mother had told the names to him and had asked him to remember them. Mulla Tahir asked him to make a solemn Nazr (Oath) to Allah that if his son recovered fully he would fulfil the conditions that he had resolved to implement. The king made the oath and went inside the private quarters of the palace and Mulla Tahir went home. The king found his son very restless and was throwing away the comforter from his body. The king felt that there was no hope now and asked the nanny to put the prince's comforter down. The queen too was sitting near the sick bed. It was late night and because of spending the entire night without sleep, the king fell asleep in the sitting position. H then dreamed that 13 Venerable persons were coming towards the bed. A voice told him that in the front of the group was the Prophet (s.a) and he was followed by the 12 Imams (a.s). The voice repeated the names of the Imams (a.s) in the same sequence as was mentioned by Mulla Tahir some hours ago. The king advanced towards the Prophet (s.a) and pleaded with him to pray to Allah for the recovery of his son. The Prophet (s.a) told him that his son would be restored to health but he must fulfil the conditions made by Mulla Tahir. At this point the king awoke from his dream and found that the queen and the nanny were in deep sleep and the comforter that was thrown away earlier was now properly spread on the child's body. He went near the prince and found clear signs of recovery on his face. It was almost time for the morning prayers now and he rushed his men to summon Mulla Tahir. Mulla Tahir supplicated the whole night praying to Allah to help him as otherwise the followers of the Al e Mohammed (s.a) will face great hardships from the ire of the king if the prince expired. When there was a knock at his threshold so early in the morning, he thought perhaps the prince had expired. He was told by the messenger that the king had summoned him. He dressed immediately and rushed to the palace. At the entrance to the palace the king was impatiently waiting for him. The king told him that the prince had recovered and was very comfortable. He said that the prince, although very weak, was uttering words of thanksgiving to Allah! Burhan Shah told the Mulla Tahir that he would declare his change of faith on the very day that was Friday. Mulla Tahir adviced him that doing it in a hurry will not be very discreet.He asked him to make the declaration in stages. However the king wanted him to guide him, his queen and their son on the Right Path immediately. Mulla Tahir advised Shah Burhan to arrange a debate between the Ulema of all the school barring that of the Shia School because there was only one scholar of this creed in the kingdom, Sheik Abd al Karim Najafi, who was residing far away. However a messenger was sent to summon him.The debate started and when a cleric of one school presented a point of view, a cleric of another school refuted it. Thus they went on refuting one another for a long time. The king then intervened and said the arguments presented by all of them were refuted and that he had come to the conclusion that none of the four schools is right. At that juncture Sheik Abd al Karim Najafi arrived. Mulla Tahir himself was a far superior scholar than him. Although he was in dissimulation, he joined the debate as an assistant to Sheik Abd al Karim. Becoming the assistant to Sheik Abd al Karim itself gave away his propensity of Faith! The king felt that the replies the two were giving to the other group were silencing them. After debating on several topics, they came to discuss the topic of the "Garden of Fadak", "the Incident of Pen and Paper" and a few more important subjects. Now the king declared that the faith of Sheik Abd al Karim Najafi was the True Faith and he declared that he was adopting the Faith. Then he recounted to the assembly the incident about the recovery of his son in full detail. In an instant 3,000 courtiers embraced the Shia Faith. The enemies of the Ahl al Bayt (a.s) were deeply worried at this development. One bigoted person, Peer Mohammed, made a center at his home to oppose the king who, he said, had turned a Rafizi and a heretic. He told his supporters to wage a Jihad against the king. He gathered his men and advanced to attack the royal palace. ATTACK ON THE KING'S PALACE & MULLA TAHIR'S STRATAGEM The king's palace was besieged by the supporters of Pir Mohammed. In the olden days the palaces had very strong gates and the walls used to be very high. The residential part of the people used to be at a distance from the palace. The king consulted Mulla Tahir about the situation and suggested to him to prolong the siege as much as possible when the people will be tired of waiting there and would return to their homes. Mulla Tahir studied the pros and cons through his knowledge of Jafr and asked Shah Burhan to open the gates and step out of the palace. He said that, Insha Allah, he would be victorious. Worried, the king said that there was a huge crowd there against him. Anyway, the gate was opened the next morning and Mulla Tahir was the first to step out. The king went behind him. Mulla Tahir picked up a hand full of soil from the ground, recited a verse from the Holy Quran that said, "And We shall scatter the group like the dust!".and threw the handful of soil towards the crowd. Once the soil went out of the hand of Mulla Tahir, the men switched sides in large numbers. After some time only Pir Mohammed was left and others either switched sides or fled from the scene. Pir Mohammed too fled from there. He was however apprehended the next day and the king ordered his execution. But Mulla Tahir appealed to the king to spare his life. The king asked him to be put into the jail for life. But after 4 years Mulla Tahir got him released from the jail. After the king's declaration of his Faith, the practice of mentioning the names of the 12 Infallibles (a.s) in the sermons of the Friday Prayers was commenced. This was the first kingdom in India where the names of the 12 Imams (a.s) were included in the sermons recited from the pulpits of the mosques! They also started a new practice. Wherever the king sat a step was provided above that. On that step would be seated a Sayed whose ancestry was proven. The king had a feeling that it would be felicitous if he sat at the feet of a Sayed. It was one person, Mulla Tahir, who brought about a change in the attitude of a king in the Deccan. Later on in the Northern India too, in Delhi, Agra and other parts of U.P. a dramatic change came about in the attitude of the people and the enemies of the Ahl al Bayt (a.s) had to soften their attitude towards the Shias. Thus commenced the progress of the Shias in the vast country with the efforts of Mulla Tahir! http://www.islam-laws.com/marja/bahai.htm

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