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12th Imam a.s. - 5 of 10‏

This Article send by Mustafa Mawjee On the occasion of the birth anniversary of our 12th Imam a.s. ~ an invaluable insight into his life, his ghaiba (occultation) and our duties towards the Imam of our time ~ in 10 parts Part 5 Laylatul Baraa'ah - The Night of Salvation For Any Ibadaat to reach its zenith we have to understand its significance & than perform it with body, heart, mind & soul & on this note I want share just a few pointers on the merit of SHAB E BARAAT. The 15th night of Shabaan is a very blessed night, Next to the “Night of Qadr. In our minds, everything we do that night is connected to the birth anniversary or the khushali of the 12th imam, but the true fact is that there are two very important yet very separate significances of this night and day… eide baraat is something very diff from the birth of the 12th imam, though both are celebrated on the same night. In actual fact, our twelfth Imam was born at dawn on the 15th of shaban. Many names have been given to this auspicious night. Laylatul Baraa'ah is in Persian meaning the NIGHT OF SALVATION & in urdu it is called Shabe Baraat, the NIGHT OF FREEDOM It is the night of seeking pardon and repenting to Almighty Allah and getting an escape from jahannam. It is also called Shabe Dua – spending the night in Prayers, Shabe Qabooliat when the duas are answered if done with sincerity and Shabe Barakah when the bounties and blessing are in plentiful. Every single deed on this night gets magnified & thawab multiplied due to the greatness of shabe baraat. Imam Ali (a.s.) relates: The 15th of Shabaan is a highly virtuous night and the believers should spend this night offering prayers and should observe fast on the following day. Our 8th Imam has said, about this night of 15th of Shaban: “It is the night for TAWBA and getting freedom from the fire of hell. Imam Ali (as) did not sleep on 3 nights: the night of shabe qadr, the night of eidul fitr, and the night of shabe baraat. He used to be in worship the whole night until dawn… This is a night in which not a single person supplicates to Allah except that his prayers are accepted. Nobody asks for a single thing on this night except that it will be given to him. No one asks Allah for forgiveness except that his sins are wiped out. No one turns in repentance to Allah except that He accepts their repentance. Whoever is deprived of the goodness of this night has definitely been deprived of something great." In order to make the most of this special night and ensure that all of his actions are performed properly, one must remove the material pleasures and enjoyments of this world from in front of his eyes and from his heart, he must think to himself that tonight is his last night on this Earth, tomorrow he shall die and thus, he will no longer have the opportunity to perform any more good deeds and that tomorrow the Day of Judgment will take place. The merit of this night starts from just before maghrib, starting with the dua to be recited just before sunset and GHUSL to be performed on that eve so that the burden of sins may be reduced and as if its your last ghusl. The most recommended amaal are (1) Tasbeeh of Astaghfar (2) Sura Yaseen 3 times with different Niyyah each: For long life, Prosperity. Safety from misfortune. Imam A;li (as) states: “I swear by the One who holds the life of ‘Ali in His hands there is not a single servant of Allah except that all the good and bad that will reach him in this year is divided up and handed out on the 15th of Sha‘ban and this good and bad will continue from the 15th of Sha‘ban until the next year on the same night. The servant who stays up this night and recites the Du‘a of Khidr will have his supplications answered." This dua popularly known as Dua e Kumayl. Ziarat of Imam Zamana Since it is the night of the birth of Imam Zamana(atfs) 4 Rakat namaz - after SURA E HAMD, SURAE IKHLAS is recited 100 times. namaze jafare tayyar – recommended by 8th Imam Any other duas/tasbeeh that keep us connected to our CREATOR. ARIZA: Towards the end of the night, Momineen and Mominaat usually present their ARIZA containing their griefs, worries and desires to the last Imam Mohammad Mehdi(a.s.) because it is the birth anniversary of the 12th imam and we use him as a wasila to reach A.H. In Islam. Both the night and the day carries emphasis, therefore the day of 15th Shabaan is a doubly blessed day for it is also the day of the birth of the last hujjat of Allah, in which prayers and also supplications and the ziyarat to Imam Husein (A.S.) has been recommended. Whilst the destiny is written on shabe baraat it is sealed on shabe Qadr. Allah (swt) in HIS MERCY and Rahma is giving us these awakening moments – a few more days to bring about the necessary changes within us. Let us pray together therefore, in the words of the dua that we recite 7 times at sunset - ‘If You have written my name in the list of good people then, I thank you, but if You have written my name in the list of bad people, then please remove it because You are the only one who can remove it from there.’ O Allah if Thou has forgiven us during the previous days of Shaban, then please be merciful to us in the days now follow. And that may He grant us the tawfeeq to perform the aamaals in the correct manner, this is also a night of eid for our marhumeen so let us not forget to remember and pray for them and we forgive and remember one another in our duas.

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