Saturday, July 19, 2008

Truth of Parachinaar

Press Release of Canadian Shia Muslims Organization email- Killings of Shias in Parchinar by Talibans We want to bring it to the attention of your esteemedorganization that Pakistani government is showingcriminal negligence towards its own citizens of Shiasect living in northern territories of the country.The horrendous acts of brutality carried on by Talibanand their likes in Parachinar are of course purelysatanic, but inaction and silence of the authoritiessuggest that the government is accomplice and abettorof Talibans in this incident.The conflict is not only between Talibans and Shias,Talibans are brutally killing moderate Sunnis also.This recent horrific incident in Parachinar hascrossed all the limits where Shia civilians were notonly murdered but were brutally decapitated andmutilated. Not only that Pakistani government completely failedto prevent this incident (and such incidents), theyhave shown complete disinterest post this inhumanemassacre. Social organizations, with their scarceresources and limited access are now stepping-up toalleviate some of the miseries of affected families.The major obstacle that impedes relief efforts is thatthe entire area is under siege by Talibans. We wonderwhat is the motivation of the government that, on theone hand, sends its forces to bombs innocent marriagefunctions in suspicion of terrorist activities, and onthe other hand, shamelessly turns its blind eye to thesatanic dance of Talibans around Parachinar.It was Shias who were massacred in the Parachinarincident, but any keen observer of the incidents ofnorthern areas of Pakistan shall be able to see whatpolitical games are being played at the cost of livesof innocent civilians. It is the same game that isbeing played in Iraq, and to some extent in Lebanonand in rest of the Muslim world. All efforts are beingmade to promote sectarian strife and bring Sunnies andShias in battlegrounds against each other. The chaosthus created will help justify invasion of ‘foreignpeacekeeping forces’.At the time of when Musharraf was in the driving seatand was towing US line without questioning, theconflict was between visibly Taliban and anti-Talibanforces. Extra-judicial killings of Taliban and theirlikes (Lal Masjid), along with indiscriminate bombingof villages in the northern areas was a deplorableroutine. Now that a democratically elected governmenthas taken reins in its hands the conflict hasbroadened. Now we see an added dimension whereby USforces have invaded Pakistani territories and killedPakistani armed forces personnel – perhaps to subduenew political leadership to submission.We condemn deplorable apathy of Pakistani governmenttowards its own citizen. We condemn unholy nexus ofsubdued Pakistani government and aggressor USgovernment which is only working towards creatingsocial chaos and instability in the Muslim world topromote / protect their economic interests. We request you to intervene and admonish Pakistanigovernment action this and such mass killings andprevent another Darfour in the making.

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