Friday, August 01, 2008


Imam al-Husayn and his faithful supporters left Medina on 28th Rajab, 60 A.H. and arrived in Mecca on 3rd Sha'ban in the same year. The Imam and his followers were constantly meeting people in Mecca and informing them of their resistance to the oppressive regime of Yazid. After the Imam perceived the danger of being assassinated or being captured by the spies sent by Yazid as pilgrims to the House of Allah, he changed his intention of performing the major pilgrimage (hajj) to the minor pilgrimage ('umrah) and decided to leave Mecca for Kufah with his family and followers. The Imam left for Iraq on 8th Dhu -Hijjah 60 A.H., the Day of Tarwiyyah, the same day on which Muslim ibn 'Aqil was brutally slain by Ibn Ziyad. Thus the Imam had spent approximately 95 days in Mecca.(Kitab al-Irshad) On his departure from Mecca the Imam asked for some paper on which he wrote the following message for the Hashimites: "In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. From al-Husayn ibn 'Ali, To the descendants of Hashim, know that whoever joins with me will be killed, while whoever refrains from coming to my aid will not achieve success! May peace be with you."(Al-Luhuf)THE WILL OF THE IMAM ON HIS DEPARTURE FROM MECCAOn his departure from Mecca, the Imam wrote a will and handed it over to his brother Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah. The will read: "I have not risen against Yazid in order to create corruption or discord, nor to elevate myself in the eyes of the people, nor to oppress. I have only risen to rectify the affairs of the Ummah of my grandfather and the affairs of the Shi'ah of my father 'Ali ibn Abi Talib. I wish to exhort to good and reprimand evil. Whosoever accepts my position will be on the side of Allah and the side of righteousness. Whosoever rejects me, may Allah be the final judge between them and me. He is the best judge. O my brother! Indeed success is from Allah. Upon Him do I rely and unto Him do I return." The Imam folded the letter and sealed it with his ring. Then he handed it to his brother Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah. (Nahj al-Shahadah).

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