Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remembering Imam Al-Khomeini

A commemoration program on the 19th death anniversary of Imam Al-Khomeini was observed in Toronto under the auspices of Canadian Shia Muslims Organization, Toronto-Chapter. Men, women and youth of all ages attended the commemoration program to pay their tribute to Imam Al-Khomeini. The program started with Salaatul-Maghrebain after the dinner and followed by the Live Telephonic address by HujjatuI-Islam Sayyed Abbas Aeliya from Seattle USA, wherein he shed light on the revolutionary spirit of Imam Al-Khomeini and praised the leadership of Imam Al-Khomeini who very sophisticatedly distinguished the Islam-e-Naab- e-Mohammadi with the Islam that is held hostage by the tyrants. He stressed the need to understand the true message of Imam Al-Khomeini and appealed all to follow it with open- mindedness. Later young kids paid homage to the great personality of Imam Al-Khomeini through their speeches, which was followed by the two multimedia presentations; one on the Life of Imam Al-Khomeini and the other on the explanation & understanding of the System of Vilayat-e-Faqih (revived by Imam Al-Khomeini in this century). To view the pictorial coverage of the event, please click the link below: http://picasaweb. CASMO.Inc/ June62008Remembe ringImamAlKhomei ni

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