Sunday, February 10, 2008


It has been related that a great scholar called Allama Shaheed Sayeed Abdu Sahib Al-Hakim, once received a big sum of money as charity, the amount totaling up to twenty thousand dinars. The Allamah at once set to put various sums of money into envelopes and wrote the names of numerous people on the envelope. He would put hundred dinars in some and two hundred in others, until he completed dividing the money. The man who relates this incident says that the Allamah then told him to accompany him and as they came up to the house of a person the narrator was told to knock the door, while the Allamah stood a distance away. As soon as the door was opened the narrator threw the envelope and they hurried away with the Allamah. In this way all the money was distributed in one night while the Allamah didn't keep anything for himself. (KITAAB AL NAJAFIAT PAGE 175) . -SYED AELIA RIZVI

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