Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Tasbeeh of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.)

Sayeda Fatima (a.s.) used to work very hard in her house. Her father our Holy Prophet, the Greatest Prophet Muhammad(sww) could see how hard she worked. One day he told her that he was going to give her something that would be better than a helper or anything else in the world. He taught her this Tasbeeh saying that after every Salaat she should say: Allahu Akbar - 34 times, Alhamdulillah - 33 times and Subhanallah - 33 times. This is what we call the Tasbeeh of Sayeda Fatima(a.s.). It is said that Prayer is like a beautiful flower and the Tasbeeh of Sayeda Fatima(a.s.) gives this beautiful flower a beautiful fragrance. A reliable narration from Imam Baqir(a.s.) states: Whoever performs the tasbeeh of Fatima(a.s.) and then asks Allah for forgiveness, Allah will forgive him 100 times, will add 1,000 good deeds to his scales, repels the Shaytan from him and He will be pleased with him. Imam Sadiq(a.s.) narrates: Whoever did the tasbeeh of Fatima(a.s.) before he unfolded his legs (from the position of sitting in obligatory prayer), Allah will forgive him and will make paradise obligatory upon him. The tasbeeh of Fatima(a.s.) after every obligatory prayer is more loved by Allah than praying 1,000 rakats every day. That whoever did the tasbeeh of Fatima(a.s.) after every prayer, and ended it with la illaha illa Allah, Allah will forgive his sins. It is preferred to use the beads that are made from the turba of Imam Hussein(a.s.). It is related that Fatima(a.s.) used to make tasbeeh on her hands, or on a woolen string that was knotted. It was customary to use the hands or string in those days. When Imam Hussein was martyred in Karbala, it became a tradition to use the clay that was from nearby his grave. Imam Mahdi(a.s.) has related: That whoever forgot to make dhikr (remembrance) and in his hand if there is a rosary of beads made from the turba of Imam Hussein , reward is written for him. Imam Sadiq(a.s.) narrates : The beads from the grave of Imam Hussein are counted as tasbeeh in the hand of a man, even if he didn't make the tasbeeh (i.e. he only held it). Another narration says that for each bead is 40 hasanat. A reliable tradition from Imam Musa(a.s.) states: The true believer is not without five things: A miswak, a comb/brush, a prayer rug, tasbeeh beads and an aqiq ring. It is related from Imam Sadiq(a.s.): Whoever did tasbeeh on the clay beads from the grave of Imam Hussein(a.s.), Allah will write for him 400 good deeds, and will erase from him 400 bad deeds, and meet 400 of his needs and raise him 400 degrees/ levels. It is said that Prayer is like a beautiful flower and the Tasbeeh of Sayeda Fatima(a.s.) gives this beautiful flower a beautiful fragrance. May Allah the Almighty put Barakah (Blessing) and Noor (Light) and Kabul (Acceptance) in everything we say and we do. May Allah guide us to the straight path, may Allah give us Light, Basira (vision), Wisdom, Comprehension, Understanding, Sincerity, Truthfulness, and the ability to see what's right and what's wrong. May Allah Bless you all and may He turn all your noble thoughts, feelings, wishes and desires into reality. May He also endow you with a very long, happy, healthy and a fruitful life as He guides you on the path that He wishes us to travel upon..... Ameen..

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May allah bless you in this life and the hereafter

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