Monday, January 14, 2008


BUSS . . . YA HUSSAIN[A.S] Safeer-e-Aza NADEEM SARWAR Nauha Album#28 2008-1429 mp3 Audio Available for Download.......FREE Friends, Nadeem Sarwar,s Nauha Album released just now and when I am writing this information and post for you, I am unable to express my feelings about all these nauha. Very first nauha of this album worth listening. I also want to salute Janab Rehan Azami sahib for his excellent poetry. Nauha on janab-e Abbas is very touching. Although Nadeem Sarwar has no match with other nauhakhwans but I want to recommend you people some other nauhakhwans whose voice and poetry is marvelous. Meesum Abbas and this year,s wonder discovery 2 sisters- Fatima Hashmi sisters presented good nauhas. These all nauhas are available free of cost, just download and listen. Download from -Syed Mohd. Yusuf Kirmani

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