Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Imam Sadiq (a.s) Saying.

Imam Sadiq (a.s) narrated that God's Prophet ( a.s) said that God the Almighty said: "There is nothing better than the performance of obligatory deeds for My servants to get to like Me. However by performing recommended prayers, he gets inclined to Me and I will love him. If I love him, I will be his ears to hear with, his eyes to see with, his tongue to speak with, and his hands to give charity with. I will then not hesitate to do what I must do, like hesitation in the death of a believer. He dislikes death, and I am unhappy about his unhappiness." MISHKAT UL-ANWAR FI GHURAR AL-AKHBAR : 763. --------------------------------------------------------------- Zakire Hussein (as)! A member of the family of Sheikh Hasoon Taliqaani, had gone for pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mashhad i.e. shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.), and members of his family went to greet him. The pilgrim asked his family whether a resident of Najaf called Muhammed Nassaar had died on a certain date. His family confirmed this piece of news, and asked him how he came to know this when he had been traveling. The pilgrim related that on the day when Muhammed Nassaar had died, he saw in his dream the funeral procession of the dead man. However he did not recognize any body in the crowd of people. He then asked in his dream why there was nobody from Najaf present in the burial ceremony. He was told that since the deceased was a man who read majlis for Imam Hussein (as), then it was only fit that the companions of Imam Hussein ( a.s.) i.e. the martyrs of Kerbala should be in the burial ceremony. (NAJAFIAT 121) ALLAHUMMAL AN QATALATAL HUSSEIN(AS) WA AULADEHI WA ASHABEHI

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