Thursday, January 10, 2008

Download New Nauhe-1429/2008 / Jantari 1429/2008

MOHARRAM, THE FIRST MONTH OF ISLAMIC CALENDAR, BRINGS ALONG WITH IT A FEELING OF GREAT SADNESS AND SORROW IN THE HEART OF EVERY MUSLIM. IT IS A MONTH IN WHICH WE COMMEMORATE IMAM HUSSAIN'S ( A.S.) VICTORY IN MARTYRDOM, A VICTORY WHICH HAS PERMANENTLY PRESERVED THE TRUE ISLAM TILL THE DAY OF JUDGMENT. The greatest martyr of mankind IMAM HUSSAIN(A.S) GRANDSON OF PROPHET MUHAMMED(P.B.U.H) He sacrificed his life for Truth, Justice & Humanity Download New Nauhe 1429/2008 Weblink : Download Imamia Jantari (2008) Weblink : Nouha Text 1429/2009 - Author : Mir Bober Ali Khan(Bober Nawab) Weblink : IMAM MADAD, Insha-allah during Mah-e-Moharram & Safar months, we will keep on updating our website please do keep visit our site. You can send us your area Savari Video Clip (size 10 - 15 MB) as well Photo's snap insha-allah we will upload on our website. Note : Along with your email please do provide us these details : Country Name, City Name & date

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