Saturday, December 08, 2007

JOBS जोब्स JOBS जोब्स JOBS जोब्स JOBS जोब्स

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem 786/92/110 PRAISE BE TO ALLAH(S.W.T), LORD OF THE WORLDS, AND PEACE AND BENEDICTION BE WITH OUR MASTER(A.T.F.S), MOHAMMED(P.B.U.H) AND HIS PURE PROGENY. Salam, Please find below email regarding vacancies of professionally qualified engineers in SABIC, Saudi Arabia. Iltemas-e-dua Bobber Ali Khan As received. Now SABIC is the best Pay Master (#1) in the kingdom + three months salary as BONUS + Perks. ____________________________________________________________________ Dear Brothers in Islam, This is Salahuddin Siddiqui, from Ibn Zahr, SABIC, Jubail, Saudi Arabia ..... I would like to inform you that my company is looking for Muslim Engineers from all branches ( Mech / Electrical/ Instrument/ Chemical etc) having experience in engineering / project / Maintenance / operation / reliability including designers also. If any of your professionally qualified Muslim friends / known is interested to come to Saudi, then send me his resume to my email id : , I will forward it and follow up. Please also circulate this message to all of your Muslim friends in your circle and ask them or forward any such reserve Bio data from your data bank for the candidates who are interested in Saudi jobs, to me at my email address: [EMAIL PROTECTED] It is a very good opportunity my company is one of the largest Engineer consulting companies in Saudi. The requirement is very urgent so take the action immediately; it will help many of our brothers in Islam. Salahuddin siddiqui Electrical Engineer SABIC (IBNZAHR) Saudi Arabia .

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