Sunday, November 26, 2006

OIC appeals for halt to Sunni-Shiite bloodbath in Iraq

Jeddah, Nov 25 -The Organisation of the IslamicConference called today for a halt to the Sunni-Shiitebloodbath in Iraq, reminding Iraqi religious leaders of theirpledge to prohibit the shedding of Muslim blood.Meanwhile, an Arab League official in Cairo said foreignministers from the 22-member organisation are expected to meetin Cairo on December 5 to call on Iraqi factions to end the"cascades of blood in Iraq."OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed"deep concern and sorrow at the heinous acts of violence inIraq, the abhorrent sectarian fighting and the repugnantmassacres among the brothers in faith," said a statementissued at the pan-Islamic body's headquarters in Jeddah.Ihsanoglu urged "all Iraqis, Muslim scholars and theirreligious authorities to fear God in their faith, people andcountry (and) to refrain from committing these prohibitedgrave sins."He was issuing his appeal "in his capacity as thearchitect of the Mecca Document, which was signed and endorsedby the senior religious authorities and Muslim scholars in Iraq, both Shiite and Sunni, who vowed to God in front of theblessed Kaaba (holy stone in Mecca) not to violate thesanctity of Muslim blood and to incriminate those who shed(it)."Ihsanoglu was referring to a 10-point document endorsedby 29 Iraqi Sunni and Shiite clerics in the Muslim holy cityof Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in which they appealed for an end tosectarian killings and declared that the spilling of Muslimblood was forbidden.

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